Finally, a pole banner bracket system that truly works as it should...
The Bannerhinge® pole banner bracket system by Engineer Hardware™ responds and reacts to wind instead of fighting against it. Whether it’s a persistent and steady 25 mph breeze or a 70 mph gust, the Bannerhinge® system minimizes damage to poles, mountings, and banners caused by severe isolated wind events or reoccurring conditions over time. Review the advantages and see the Bannerhinge® in action.

Here’s how it works...
The patented Bannerhinge® design engages as gusts of wind, pushing against the sail-like banners, reposition the banners in a parallel plane to the flow of the wind. The Bannerhinge® allows the mounted banner to rotate in a down-wind direction, much like a weather vein, and returns to its display position when the wind subsides. Simply put, the Bannerhinge® system allows the wind to flow past pole mounted banners with minimal resistance or drag. Other banner brackets fight the wind at low speeds and exert unnecessary strains and forces on the banners, pole, and the bracket system itself. Review the features page to see how the Bannerhinge® reduces these issues.

What is most significant about the Bannerhinge® pole banner bracket system is its ability to adjust to the changing directions of the wind. Wind never travels continuously in one specific direction; although, many competitive products have been analyzed in controlled wind tunnel tests that mimic just this condition. The Bannerhinge® pole banner bracket system has been tested extensively in natural settings where weather conditions are realistic, rather than in controlled laboratory conditions. Our engineering report provides all the details of this testing.

PRODUCT 18"x16" 18"x45" 24"x48" 24"x90" 30"x60" 30"x72" 30"x84" 30"x94" 30"x96" 30"x108" 30"x120" 36"x60" 36"x96"
LBH -723      

The banner releases to spill the wind and automatically returns, Reducing the
wind load effect on the light poles and extending the life of the banner.

Finally… Bannerhinge®, a system that works!